Knife - CWY

1040 stainless steel blade and deer antler handle with walnut accent piece by Cherokee artist Terry Crow. Engraved feathers on brass fittings and butt of handle featuring "CWY" (Cherokee in Syllabary). Included stand features a detailed eagle head carving.
Approx. 12 3/4" total length.
Stand approx. 6" high.


Knife - Deer

Stone blade knife with embossed carving of a deer on a deer antler handle. Deer hoof print on butt of handle. Also features an eagle and hawk profile on opposite sides on the upper part of the handle.
By Cherokee artist Jeffrey Watt.

Approx. 11" total length.


Knife - Hawk

Stone blade with carved deer antler handle featuring a hawk profile.
By Cherokee artist Jeffrey Watt.

Approx. 9" total length.


Knife - Man in Trees

Carved deer antler depicting a man in Sycamore trees along with a wolf on the butt of the knife and a crow on the upper handle.
By Cherokee artist Jeffrey Watt.

Approx. 9 1/2" total length.


Knife - Wildlife Scene

Beautifully carved and painted moose antler knife by Cherokee artist Jeffrey Watt.
Features bears, fish, an eagle, and a buck on the handle in an nature scene including a waterfall.
Flint blade and sinew.