How The World Was Made: A Cherokee Story

How The World Was Made is a children's story with fun pictures and an easy to understand tale - told in a way that children can easily follow along, while still carrying on the spirit of traditional Cherokee storytelling. This story is meant to be read out loud to children as a fun way to help them learn a Cherokee legend.
By Brad Wagnon and Alex Stephenson.

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The Land of the Great Turtles

When the Creator gave the Cherokee people a beautiful island with everything they cold ever need, it came with only one rule - to take care of the land and animals living there. But, what happens when the children decide to play instead of taking care of their responsibilities?

The Land of the Great Turtles is a colorful and fun retelling of a well-known Cherokee story, meant to be read aloud - to continue the age-old tradition of sharing between generations.
By Brad Wagnon with illustrations by Alex Stephenson.


Pottery - Decorative Ornament

From walls to Christmas trees, these pottery pieces are sure to help with your decorating needs!
By Cherokee artist Eva Cantrell.
Approx. 3 1/2" - 4" diameter.

Please Note: ONLY ONE DESIGN PER ORNAMENT. No multiples of any one design.


Osiyo Mug

Say "Hello" with our new Osiyo mug.