Cherokee Narratives - A Linguistic Study

The stories of the Cherokee people presented here capture in written form tales of history, myth, and legend for readers, speakers, and scholars of the Cherokee language.
Cherokee Narratives spans the spectrum of genres, including humor, religion, origin myths, trickster tales, historical accounts, and stories about the Eastern Cherokee language.
The narratives and their linguistic analysis are a rich source of information for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Cherokee syllabary, as well as for students of Cherokee history and culture. By enabling readers at all skill levels to use and reconstruct the Cherokee language, this collection of tales will sustain the life and promote the survival of Cherokee for generations to come.

By: Durbin Feeling - linguist for the Cherokee Nation and a former Cherokee Language Instructor at the University of Oklahoma.
William Pulte - An Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Southern Methodist University.
Gregory Pulte - a graduate student in education administration at the University of Texas at Austin.
Foreword by Bill John Baker - Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

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