The Cherokee Indian Nation

A history of the Cherokee Nation covering subjects including the origins and development of Cherokee culture, contact with Europeans, political organization and the Trail of Tears.
Edited by Duane H. King with contributions from Roy S. Dickens, John Phillip Reid, Theda Perdue, and more.


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Features a Cherokee syllabary character and a picture of an animal, food, or word in which the character is used. A space to practice writing is found under each character.
By Cherokee citizen Marc Case.


Simply Cherokee - Animal Flash Cards

Learn animal names in Cherokee with these easy to use flash cards!
53 cards give you a variety of animals to learn with a picture of the animal and phonetic spelling on one side and English with the Syllabary on the other.
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The Cherokee Nation: A History

A comprehensive history that not only gives one the rich history of the Cherokee Nation, but it gives it you one in a way that is easy to read for anyone interested in Cherokee history.
This book includes legends, facts, glossaries at the end of each chapter, and also suggestions for further reading.
Robert Conley