Books and References

Books And References

The Cherokees: A Population History

The first full-length demographic study of an American Indian group from the protohistorical period to present.
Shows the effects of disease, warfare, genocide, miscegenation, removal and relocation, and destruction of traditional lifeways on the Cherokees.

The Five Civilized Tribes

Covering the years of 1830 through 1860, this book tells the individual story of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole indians.
Beginning with each tribe's removal from their eastern homelands to Indian Territory this book also includes their resettlement in Indian Territory.

The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake

The Memoirs present two vivid, mirror images--Cherokee society in 1762, as seen throught the eyes of a Britsh lieutenant and diarist, Henry Timberlake; and British society of the same period, as witnessed by three Cheorkee leaders who convinced Timberlake to bring them to Britain to meet King George III.

The Texas Cherokee

In 1819 abd 1820 several hundred Cheorkee - led by Duwali, a chief from Tennessee - settled along the Sabine, Neches, and Angelina rivers in east Texas.
They soon found themselves "caught between two fires": The Cherokee ideal of harmony and the reality of factionalism between white settlers pushing westward and western Indians resisting incursion, and between traditional ways and the practical necessity of accommodating to whites.

Thirteen Moons

From the author of Cold Mountain comes a story of a boy who is sent on a journey through the uncharted wilderness of the Cherokee Nation and the lifelong search for home, the hunger for fortune and adventure, the rebuilding of a trampled culture, and above all an enduring pursuit of passion.