Books and References

Books And References

Everyday Is A Good Day

A unique collection of rare and often intimate glipses at the resilience and perserverance of Native women who face each day positively and see the richness in their lives.
Memorial Edition for First Female Chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller.

Fire and the Spirits

This book traces the emergence of the Cherokee system of laws from the ancient spirit decrees to the fusion of tribal ways of law with Anglo-American laws.

From One Fire - The Story of Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker

Veteran writer and historian Bill Keith turns his unique storytelling into a compelling profile of his nephew Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. For the reader, Keith's accounts are more than just a shared family tale. He explores the people and the lessons that catapulted Chief Baker from a businessman to a political leader, shaped his commitment to public service, and enabled him to achieve many historic milestones for the Cherokee people.


General Stand Watie's Confederate Indians

The story of Stand Watie, the only American Indian to attain the rank of general in the Confederate Army.
From his beginnings as an aristocratic, prosperous slaveholding planter to being the last Confederate general to lay down his arms in surrender.

History of the Cherokee Indians

An in-depth history of the Cherokee Indians including several pages of documents and letters detailing the particular happenings of the time.
Includes the first printed laws of the Cherokee, treaties, the Texas Cherokee, Missionary Activities, old families and their genealogy, and much more!
By Emmet Starr

How The World Was Made: A Cherokee Story

How The World Was Made is a children's story with fun pictures and an easy to understand tale - told in a way that children can easily follow along, while still carrying on the spirit of traditional Cherokee storytelling. This story is meant to be read out loud to children as a fun way to help them learn a Cherokee legend.
By Brad Wagnon and Alex Stephenson.


Idioms and Sayings - Cherokee Study Just for Fun

Have you ever wondered how you'd say, "See you later, alligator" or "Bring home the bacon" in Cherokee? Well, look no further because this book has them all!
Not only meant for fun, this book is also meant to give the reader a better understanding of the Cherokee language and sentence stucture.
English to Cherokee phonetic setup.
By Cherokee citizen Prentice Robinson.


Indian Justice

Grant Foreman presents John Howard Payne's first-hand account of the trial of Archilla Smith, a Cherokee charged with the murder of John MacIntosh in the fall of 1839.


Literacy and Intellectual Life in the Cherokee Nation, 1820-1906

James W. Parins traces the rise of bilingual literacy and intellectual life in the Cherokee Nation during the nineteenth century - a time of intense social and political turmoil for the tribe.
This book takes a look at how literacy served to unite Cherokees during a critical moment in their national history, and advances the understanding of how literacy has functioned as a tool of sovereignty among Native peoples, both historically and today.


Mankiller: A Chief and Her People

A moving autobiography that tells Wilma Mankiller’s personal story as well as honors and recounts the complex history of the Cherokees.
Mankiller opens up about life before, during, and after her time as the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Wilma Mankiller

Mountain Windsong

Set against the tragic events of the Cherokees' removal from their traditional lands in Norht Carolina to Indian Territory between 1835 and 1838, Mountain Windsong is the moving tale of Waguli ("Whippoorwill") and Oconeechee, a young Cheorkee man and woman seperated by the Trail of Tears.
By Robert Conley

Mysterious Oklahoma: Eerie True Tales From the Sooner State

You'll learn of places where strange ape-like creatures have been reported, as well as mysterious large cats, and just plain strange things in general from all across the sooner state with references accompanying each story to help sway even the most hardcore of skeptics.


Nature Names In Tsalagi

A word list with pictures of animals and creatures with a descriptive sentence in Cherokee and English.
For both adults and children and suitable for a coloring book!
Prentice and Willena Robinson

Oklahoma Cherokee Baskets

A look into the journey of basketry for Cherokees that begins in the East, continues through forced removal, and still perseveres in the West.
Includes a list of known Oklahoma Cherokee basket makers born before 1930 and references to collections totaling more than 500 Oklahoma Cherokee baskets.


Oklahoma Outlaw Tales

Forget the wild west of movies and television. These are real tales from the badlands of Indian Territory. Before Oklahoma became a state, it was a haven for many outlaws on the run. It was here outlaws of varying infamy lived life by their own rules and many made their last stands.

In the pages of this book, the reader will relive a time from Oklahoma's history, never to be seen, again.