American Indian Education

This comprehensive history of American Indian education in the United States, from colonial times to the present, explores the broad spectrum of Native experiences in missionary, goverment, and tribal boarding and day schools.
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Cherokee Clothing Activity Book

31 page activity book that features traditional Cherokee clothing and accessories. Accompanying descriptions of how items were used and decorated.
By Sandy & Jesse T. Hummingbird.

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Trail of Tears , the first photo-essay to tell the story of the Trail of Tears, pays tribute to the seventeen Cherokee detachments that were pushed westward into Oklahoma.
Award-winning photographer David G. Fitzgerald traveled the trail for more than three years, photographing and documenting pertinent historic sites - some of which were previously unknown - as well as artifacts along the Trail of Tears.
The insightful and informative text by Duane King, one of the country's foremost experts on the Trail of Tears, covers six major routes of the trail. King faithfully re-creates the Cherokee' journey for readers by drawing from military journals, diaries of eyewitnesses, payment vouchers, contemporary newspaper accounts, nineteenth-century maps, and oral traditions.
Foreword by former Principal Chief Chadwick Smith.


Nature Names In Tsalagi

A word list with pictures of animals and creatures with a descriptive sentence in Cherokee and English.
For both adults and children and suitable for a coloring book!
Prentice and Willena Robinson