!! Available Now !! 2017 Cherokee National Holiday T-shirt

65 years and counting!
Grab your own commemorative shirt and come celebrate this Labor Day weekend as Cherokees from all over the U.S. (and sometimes world!) come to the annual celebration to commemorate the signing of the Cherokee Constitution.

90/10 Cotton/Poly Blend. Unisex.

This year's theme is "Water is Sacred".
Shirt features the Cuu-wi-s-cuu-wi bird standing next to water, which has always been a symbol of healing. Mountains in the background to represent longevity, strength, and the immovability of Cherokees. Seven Sycamore leaves in the water symbolize the the Sycamore tree that the Water Spider got the first fire from.
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Cherokee Phoenix Homecoming T-Shirt

Cherokee Phoenix Homecoming shirt is a colorful collaboration between Cherokee artists Daniel HorseChief and Buffalo Gouge!
The limited quantity shirt depicts Selu, the Corn-Mother, gazing down at Southeastern patterns while seven ears of corn and water are positioned to the left behind her. Also behind her, to the right, is a phoenix with fire below it. The Cherokee seven-pointed star is set above the phoenix.
Above the image, written in Cherokee, are the words "Cherokee Phoenix" and below, in English, is "2017 CHEROKEE HOMECOMING."
Cherokee Phoenix logo is placed on the left sleeve.

50/50 Poly/Cotton blend. Unisex.

Cherokee Nation Seal Decal

Proudly represent the Cherokee Nation wherever you go with a vinyl decal of the Cherokee Nation Seal for your vehicle window.
Approx. 2 3/4" diameter.

!! 40% OFF !! 2016 Cherokee National Holiday Shirt - Youth

This year marks the 64th Cherokee National Holiday! Enjoy it with the "Stewards of Our Land" design by Cherokee artist Dan Mink.
$12.00 $7.20